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The following questionnaire is designed to help you customize and maximize your bicycle experience in China.

We can create a tailor-made tour to best meet your requirements, and needs.

Our Travel Specialists can customize an  itinerary specific to your travel interests.

You can merge one itinerary with another. You can also lengthen certain points on the trip that you find especially appealing.

  • Choose dates that work best for you.

1. Are there any particular areas of China that you are especially interested in visiting?

Beijing (Great Wall, Old dragon's head,Chengde Palace,Qing Tombs)
Xi'an (Terra cotta Soldiers)
Shanghai,Suzhou ,Hangzhou
Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain)
Sichuang (Panda,Jiuzaigou)
Yunnan (Kunming,Dali,Lijiang)
No particular place, I just want a fascinating cycling experience.

2. What aspects of China are you interested in?

Cultural:historical sites,temples, museums, monuments
Social: Average Chinese daily life
Geographical: Interesting landscapes

3.  What length of time would you be interested in cycle touring in China?


4.  What dates of the year would you be interested in cycle touring in China?

From Date :

To Date:

5.  Do you have any bicycle touring experience?

No. I am new to cycle touring.
Yes. I have some experience. Please briefly describe.

6.  How would you describe your cycling fitness?

I can ride or 
I can ride fewer than 30 miles (50 km)
Don't know, I have never been on a long distance ride before.

7.  What are your cycling terrain preferences?

Flat to gently rolling
The more mountains the better

8.  What is your cycling style?

Slow & easy
Fairly intense

9.  What's your concern about accommodations ?

Simple, clean and inexpensive
Moderately more comfortable
The best available

10.What your requirements about meals ?

Chinese Food Western Food I'm Vegetarian  

11.  What level of support and comfort would you like? Check all that apply.

Support vehicle to carry my luggage and provide assistance when needed.
Mountain Bike (Little suspention,steady)
Road Bike (Light,no suspention)
Single room

12.Your personal information.
Full Name:
Age: Heights
Age: Heights
Age: Heights

Thank you very much for your input. 





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