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BKLD15 Yunnan 15-day Bike Tour

Meet / Depart
Beijing, China/Kunming, China
Trip Length
15days, 14nights
Slightly Moderate
Price (USD)

$3,650 per person

$600 single occupancy supplement

Trip Notes
All meals included except 1 dinner.
Special Interest

Cruise, Culture & History, Exotic Adventure, Expedition Cruising, Geological Wonders, Mountain Bike, Natural Beauty &/ Wildlife,

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Highlights:Shangri-La,Historical cities of Lijiang and Dali,ethnic tribes,Snow Mountain ,Tiger Leaping Gorge,Rice Terrace

Yunnan Province is known as the "Spring City" and the gateway to China's largest concentration of ethnic minorities. Yunnan China is a favorite for many cyclists in China. It is located (roughly) near the borders of Myanmar . The province is as big as France in Europe. Contrary to France, people travel in travel in a relative small area in Yunnan. Most of the province is simply too remote for the time people have available. Cyclists do have more time.


Day 1 Hutong Tour 10km
Pick up from capital airport and transfer to hotel, have a easy ride around the Hutongs

Day2 Fobidden City and Tian'anmen Square Temple of Heaven 20km
Meet group members in Beijing,then transfer to the hotel get bikes from out shop,go for an easy ride around Tian'anmen Square and the outside of Zhongnanhai (residence of current president), Forbidden City, National Theater ,Great Hall of the People, MaoZedong Mausoleum, visit palace museum.
Temple of Heaven Park and ancient streets and Pearl market,and If there is time we can take in a few sights such as Beijing Opera.The idea is to get a feeling for Beijing from the seat of the bike.

Day 3 Great Wall Biking and Hiking 30km
Transfer to the surbub of Beijing avoid the traffic, we start to ride in the rural area to the Geat Wall away from mass.Hike and return hotel by vehiecle .

Day 4 Beijing to Kunming
Fly to Kunming,and transfer to Hotel.

Day 5 Kunming
Visit to Flower Market, Golden Temple.Short fly to Lijiang in the afternoon.

Day 6 Lijiang 20km
Bike in the old town of Lijiang & Square Street,Naxi area.

The Lijiang ancient town of Dayan: The town was built in the late song dynasty and the early Yuan dynasty and was listed by the UNESCO on the list of the world's major cultural heritages in 1997.

town has a history going back more than 800 years and was once a confluence for trade along the old tea horse road. The Lijiang old town is famous for its orderly system of waterways and bridges. The old town of Lijiang differs from other ancient Chinese cities in architecture, history and the culture of its traditional residents the Nakhi people

Day7-8 Leaping Tiger Gorge 15km
Down in the valley of the Yangtze River paves its way, who here is still called Jinsha Jiang ( "golden sands river"). Übernachtung in einer einfachen Berghütte in Walnut Garden. Cycle to Qiaotou Town, cycle into the gorge,One of the World's Deepest Gorges, the road is not paved, the altitude is about 2km above sea level, bike about 12 km to Walnut Grove which is a tranquil village in the middle part of the gorge, overnight in Woody's House. 

4km uphill at the very beginning, then most of the road continues downhill. As we approach Tiger Leaping Gorge, there will be a 3-km-long gravel section, but still downhill. After entering Tiger Leaping Gorge itself, we will ride another 10km on a paved road to reach our destination.

Before leaving on our bikes for the day, we will make a short walk from our village of Baidi to see the unique Baishui Terraces (“bai shui” means “white water” in Chinese). Over thousands of years, mineral-laden spring water has flowed down from the mountain, leaving crystallized sodium carbonate along its slopes, resulting in a series of limestone basins full of water, and giving the impression of a huge marble sculpture. This type of geological formation can be seen in only a very few places around the world (e.g. Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province, Pamukkale in Turkey and Yellowstone National Park in the USA), so it’s worth spending some time here taking pictures! Not only a place of beautiful scenery, it is also one of the birthplaces of Dongba Naxi culture, widely known around the world. After an hour of visiting and taking photos, we will start our day’s adventure. After an initial 5 km uphill section, we will be on our way downhill, to the gorge. Lunch will be in Haba, a small but unique village on the way. In the late afternoon, we will enter the world-famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest and most dramatic gorges in the world, and still quite wild despite the enormous efforts to tame it.  Another 10km after entering the gorge, we will finally arrive at “middle” Tiger Leaping Gorge, where we will spend the night.


Day 9-10 Zhongdian (Shangri-La) 4 0km
Today is a leisure day, Wongshui / Zhongdian
Trek about 6 km into the Shangri-la Canyon, sightseeing in the canyon, after having lunch in a Tibetan family, trek out the canyon and drive back to Zhongdian.

Cycle about 18 km to Sanba village, visit the Baishui Terrace, the sacred land of Naxi Dongba Culture. Your driver will pick you up and drive to Zhongdian, the gateway to Tibet. Zhongdian has only been opened to tourists since 1992. Experience authentic Tibetan culture in this mountainous region. Overnight in Zhongdian(3300m above sea level).

Today we will spend the day in Shangri-la to do some sightseeing by bike, to adjust to cycling at the high elevation, as well as to start to immerse ourselves in the Tibetan culture. The old section of town, with its Tibetan-style architecture, dates back 1300 years!  After a nourishing breakfast, we will take our bikes and ride to Songzanlin Monastery, 5 km north from the old town. Songzanlin Monastery (constructed in 1679) is the largest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan, exemplifies the features of Tibetan architecture, and is nicknamed the "Lesser Potala" due to its resemblance to the magnificent structure in Lhasa. It is situated just where a wide expanse of grassland stops abruptly at the foot of the mountains. After 2 hours of visiting, we will have our lunch in the local restaurant. After lunch we will cycle over a small hill to visit Napa Lake, from here about 6 km to the northwest. The Napa Lake Nature Reserve is the county's largest grassland and the most scenic area of the plateau. Napa Lake itself is like a huge mirror, resting peacefully in the high alpine meadows, reflecting the beauty of the surroundings. This is one wintering ground of the rare Black-necked Crane, of which less than 6000 remain in the wild! We will have enough time to wander around and take photos of the amazing view and to enjoy the Tibetan culture, before riding back to the old town. Back at our hotel, we will enjoy a hearty supper as the sun sets, but no bar-hopping tonight – we will need a good sleep for tomorrow’s adventure.

Day 11 Shangri-la - Shiguzhen 30km
Cycle part of the canyon of Downhill ,stay in Shiguzhen.

Day 12 Shiguzhen to Eryuan
Drive to Shaxi old Town, Shaxi, a small town on the historic Tea Road with a recently carefully restored Old Town. Every Friday is the weekly meeting of Shaxi the farmers. Members of the Yi, Bai and Naxi minority have for sale on the streets of the place where their goods. After the market visit, we take a walk through the surrounding villages.
visit the cave and well-preserved cave paintings of Buddist.

Day 13 Eryuan -Dali 75km
Today we will cycle the longest challenge 75km of this 15 day tour.Cycle from the source of Erhai Lake to the lake then to Dali City Hotel.

Day 14 Dali old Town
Explore Dali old Town by bike or foot.Leisure day.

Day 15 Kunming - Departure
Take morning flight to Kunming. Departure, end of service.(B+L)
End of trip.


$3,650 per person

$600 single occupancy supplement


The prices are for double occupancy rooms,and will vary depending on the number of people who participate,if there is just one traveler,single occupancy supplement will be applied by default. This tour is limited to no more than 12 people. This will permit more flexibility in the program and allow more spontaneity for taking photos or exploring villages along the way.
Prices include the following:

marked Bilingual bicycle tour guide.
marked All hotel room accommodations (double occupancy)
marked Meals eaten as group (private meals, snacks and alcoholic beverages are not included).
marked All group transportation costs,great wall biking van support.
marked All group entrance fees.
marked A Rental Bike with panniers, lock, raincape, gloves and helmet is included.Spare wheels will be available for temporary usage in case of a flat.

Beijing To Xian Transfer via: Train,night sleeper or flight, TBA (Our arrangements)
Xian To Shanghai Transfer via: Flight, TBA (Our arrangements).Shanghai to Guilin via: Flight, TBA .Airport Tax for Domestic Flights , Airport Tax and Fuel Fee for Flights if applicable



Wangfujing Grand Hotel

Beijinig (2 nights)

Located on the renowned Wangfujing Avenue, this hotel enjoys an unparalleled location which allows for walks to a cluster of cultural and historical sites and facilities.




Canaan International Hotel

Xian(2 nights)

Located in downtown Xi'an less than one kilometer (one quarter mile) from the City Wall, the Canaan International hotel is two kilometers (one mile) from the Great Mosque.

* Casual Inn  
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BKLD15 Yunnan 15-day Bike Tour
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