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BJ15 Beijing 15-day Bike Tour

Meet / Depart
Beijing, China/Beijing, China
Trip Length
15days, 14nights
Slightly Moderate
Price (USD)

$3,850 per person

$600 single occupancy supplement

Trip Notes
All meals included except 1 dinner.
Special Interest

Cruise, Culture & History, Exotic Adventure, Expedition Cruising, Geological Wonders, Mountain Bike, Natural Beauty &/ Wildlife,

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Highlights:Beijing Old City Imperial Palace| Hutongs | Great Wall Biking and Hiking| Grand Canyon|Chengde Summer Resort|Marco Polo Bridge| Shidu Ferry| East Qing Tombs|

Average daily cycling mileage will be less than 25 miles (40 km). Mini bus will follow when there is need,this tour fit people of any lever,riders donnot need to carry their luggage.
This tour will visit both well-known and little-known sights and will appeal to those who have cultural, social and geographical interests.

Meals:will primarily be Chinese food but the support vehicle will carry a wide selection of familiar easy-to-digest on-the-go snacks such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, and bananas. We will have unlimited water and Gatorade and one PowerBar per day.

This will be a vehicle-supported ride. This means that each rider will carry their day-use items and a support vehicle will carry the luggage (and riders if necessary) throughout the trip.


Day 1 Arriving Beijing
Pick up from capital airport and transfer to hotel, have a rest for the jet legs, have a stroll in Wangfujing Street after dinner.

Day2 Fobidden City and Tian'anmen Square Temple of Heaven 20km
Go for an easy ride around Tian'anmen Square and the outside of Zhongnanhai (residence of current president), Forbidden City, National Theater ,Great Hall of the People, MaoZedong Mausoleum, visit palace museum, Temple of Heaven Park and ancient streets and Pearl market.The idea is to get a feeling for Beijing from the seat of the bike.

Day 3 Hutong Tour and Olympic Park 30km
The Hutongs is typical in Beijing, see the 700 years local day life, we cycle in the zigzag alleys, then cycle to the morden wonder stadiums area,Olympic park,visit the bird's nest.

Day4 Marco Polo Bridge 30 -125km
"Over this river there is a very fine stone bridge, so fine indeed, that it has very few equals in the world."The Diary of Marco PoloLugou Qiao, also known as the Marco Polo Bridge, is one of earliest segmented stone arch bridge about 16 km in the outside of Beijing .The bridge is 260 meters long and has 250 marble balustrades supporting 485 carved stone lions. First built in 1192, the original arches were washed away in the 17th century. The bridge is a composite of different eras, widened in 1969 to span the Yongding River near the town of Wanping.

stay in shidu Town

Day5 Shidu 20km

Shi Du is a very large scenic area.It's a great way to take in the sights and see the scenery of beautiful Beijing suburbs.Banji in Shidu or boating in Shidu,stay in Yanqing .

From the first ferry to the eighth ferry, you can see the heavenly like mountains, water, canyons, small waterfalls, caves, etc. A big 10-meter-high stone terrace named Wangfo Pavilion is on the east side of the river, the beauty of the eighth, ninth and tenth ferry will be all unfolded in your sight. Once you are here, you may feel like waling in a painting, and get totally relaxed from daily work and life. There is a comprehensive amusement park named Juma Paradise in Ten Ferry scenic spot area, you may take a try to the China first bungee jumping game here. If you are interested in bamboo raft, you can also enjoy yourself to the full here.

Day6 Yesanpo 30-150km

Cycle from yesanpo scenic area to Yanqing hotspring.

Day 7 Bai River 50-160km

Ride along the Bai river to Miyun Reservior,Stay in Miyun

Beautiful Baihe since Yanshan Mountains northwest Quan Yin emerge winding hundred miles across Yanqing, Huairou, Miyun County, which Hill with the potential to form River Valley, and the Yongding River Gorge and the river canyon Guanting said "Kyoto three canyons." Baihe River Canyon is a very primitive style to retain the natural integrity of the canyon, was described as a "hundred miles gallery" to Tanghekou marked divided into upper and lower two parts. Downstream of the most spectacular Xiongqi Miyun angel is a waterfall near the first bend Jingdong, resembles the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon .

A result of years of drought, began to have lost the momentum of the past, especially close to a Baihebao Reservoir, stop often, but does not affect the whole River Valley spectacular. Concurrent with the canyon is a war preparedness highways, smooth formation, vehicles sparsely populated, blotting out the sun under their shade, a mixture of asphalt road and began to trickle in the vast parallel in the mountains, if motorists travel on the course, here is the most easily return to nature, Taoyuan Wonderland .

Day 8 Miyun Reservior 35-70km
Transfer to Miyun and Cycle in the Miyun Reservior Scenic Area ,the biggest reservior in Beijng with beautiful scenery,stay in Miyun Town for the night.

Day9 Simatai Great Wall 45-120km
we will cycle from Miyun to Gubeikou for a more natural setting with the opportunity to hike the wall away from the masses.And spend the night at the base of Simatai Great Wall site.

Day10 Jingshanlin Great Wall 15km
Hike Great Wall between Simatai and Jinshanling,the most beautiful part of the Great Wall.

Day 11 Simatai to Chengde 40-170km
Cycle to leave Simatai Great wall for Chengde City and View more of the Great Wall near road crossings. Stay chengde

Day 12 Chengde Summer Resort 30km
There will be a short tour of a few Chengde's sights including the Summer Palace Resort and the Tibetan Monastery, a small replica of the Potala Palace in Lhasa,and cycle to Canyon area.

Day 13 Beijing East Canyon 10km
Hike the grand canyon and enjoy some amusement facilities.

Day14 East Qing Tombs 25km -60km
Cycle around East Qing tombs and Excursion which the best preserved imperial tombs in China.
Transfer to Xian in the evening.via train sleeper.

Day15 Beijing & Departure
Shopping and concluding trip ,depart
We will cycle more back roads and trails to the historic Fishing Village and then cycle to Moon Hill and along the Yulong River
Return to Beijing via air. End of trip.


$3,850 per person

$600 single occupancy supplement


The prices are for double occupancy rooms,and will vary depending on the number of people who participate,if there is just one traveler,single occupancy supplement will be applied by default. This tour is limited to no more than 12 people. This will permit more flexibility in the program and allow more spontaneity for taking photos or exploring villages along the way.
Prices include the following:

marked Bilingual bicycle tour guide.
marked All hotel room accommodations (double occupancy)
marked Meals eaten as group (private meals, snacks and alcoholic beverages are not included).
marked All group transportation costs,great wall biking van support.
marked All group entrance fees.
marked A Rental Bike with panniers, lock, raincape, gloves and helmet is included.Spare wheels will be available for temporary usage in case of a flat.


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BJ15 Beijing 15-day Bike Tour
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