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Cycling in Singapore

Singapore is a small island. Given a decent road bike, you can cycle around the island in just a few hours !
And it is precisely the size of our country which makes it an ideal place to go on a Tour de Singapore, local style!

Hardcore bikers can join the roadies on some of Singapore's popular biking stretches of concrete alongside
the whizzing cars, or be one with nature mountain biking the scenic off-road trails of some of Singapore's
last remaining nature reserves and parks .

If you're into technical biking , you can explore the BMX or slalom bike tracks, join the urban street bike culture
at the Youth Park, or even patiently practise the art of biketrial in the company of your neighbourhood biketrial guru!

Leisure bikers who would rather pedal at leisure and avoid riding the heavy vehicle traffic, can explore Singapore's
green network using Singapore's park connectors which allows them to travel from park to park, coast to coast,
park to town centres or just about anywhere on this island.

If you're feeling more adventurous, you can ride to the island of Sentosa or hop onto a bumboat which
will lead you to Pulau Ubin , an island in the northern part in Singapore.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and ride !!!! And don't forget to ride safely!

Bike Shops / Bike Rental Shops in Singapore

To get started, you will need a bike that works!!! Regardless of your level of competence, we would recommend
some safety gear (e.g. helmet, gloves, shoes etc.) and other mandatory equipment (e.g. night lights when
cycling at night).

If you wish to purchase or rent a bike in Singapore, we recommend that you log onto the following websites!

Togoparts Website

SMBF Website (Bikeshops)

Please do call the shop before you make your visit as some may have been relocated or are no longer in business.

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Pulau Ubin

Comfort Bicycle Rental & Trading
For Adult : S$8.00 to S$14.00 per day;
For Children: S$3.00 to S$ 8.00 per day.
Address 18 Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508276
Tel 6545 3232, 6542 0557 Mobile: 90081357

East Coast Park

Beach Cabana
Address East Coast Park Area C (5 mins walk from McDonald's outlet)
Operating Hours : 8am - 8pm (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays and School Holidays)
9am - 8pm (Mon - Fri)
Charges per hour : Mountain Bikes $4.00-7.00
Children $1.50-4.00
Double bike $5.00-8.00,GT $3.00
Bicycles available : Mountain bikes, tandem, children, GT
Tel 6344 4773
Our Family Corner (Bicycle Station)
Address Car Park E2, East Coast Park
Operating Hours : 8am - 8pm (Sat, Sun, Public Holidays and School Holidays)
9am - 7.30pm (Mon - Fri)
Charges per hour :
Mountain Bikes $5.00
Children BMX / GT $2.00-$4.00
Tandem/Double bike $8.00
26" Bike with Baby Seat / Front Suspension Bike $6.00
Bicycles available : Mountain bikes, tandem, children, GT
Tel 6443 3489
S D K Recreation
Address 1000 East Coast Parkway #01-00 Singapore 449876 (near McDonald's at Carpark C)
Tel 6445 2969
Sunview Leisure Centre
Address C-1 East Coast Pk Service Rd Singapore 1543
Tel 6244 0335
Sunsport Centre
Address 902 East Coast Parkway Aquatic Complex (Big Splash) Singapore 449874
Tel 6440 9827
Wimbledon Cafeteria & Bicycle Rental
Operating hours, rates 8 am - 10 pm on weekdays
7 am - 11 pm on weekends, public holidays.

$2 for kids bike, $3 for BMX, $4-$7 for bikes ranging from suspension mountain bikes to bikes with baby chair and tandem bikes. Every 1 hour rental gets an additional one hour free. Special discounted rate for overnight bicycle rental.

Address Singapore Tennis Centre
1020 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449878, near the windsurfing rental places at the lagoon.
Tel 64497305, 6444 3928, 96363046
Fax 63460139.
Vision Creations
Address 1110 East Coast Parkway #01-05 Singapore 449880
Tel 6241 3637


S D K Recreation , Sentosa
Address Siloso Beach off Siloso Road
Sentosa Island, a short walk from Underwater World
Tel 6272-8738

Jurong Kechil

Address 110, Jalan Jurong Kechil, #01-02, Sweebi House, Singapore 598606
Tel 6468-0875
Fax: 6468-0943

Sembawang Park

Ling Kok Hong
Address 117 Beaulieu Rd Singapore 759837
(inside Sembawang Park)
Tel 6759 1256

Pasir Ris Park

Fisherman's Village Pte Ltd
Address 167 Pasir Ris Road
Singapore 519144
Tel: 6585 1211
Tel 6453 3959
Rent-A-Bike Kiosk
Operating hours and rates 9 am - 7 pm on weekdays
8 am to 8 pm on weekends, public holidays.

Rates is $2 for children's bike, $3 for BMX, $4-$7 for bikes ranging from suspension mountain bikes to bikes with baby chair and tandem bikes. Every 1 hour rental gets an additional half an hour free. There will be a special discounted rate for overnight bicycle rental.
Address 51 Pasir Ris Green
Pasir Ris Park Carpark C (about 10 mins walk from the MRT station)
Tel 91511296, 96221042, 65824297
Fax: 63460139.

Bishan Park

Skateline Pte Ltd @ Bishan Park II
Address Bishan Park II
25 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1,
Singapore 569969
8 am - 7 pm daily
Charges per hour for bicycles:
$4 small bikes
$6 medium bikes
$8 big bikes (mountain bikes)
Tel 6453 3959

(Rentals rates: around S$4 to S$8 per hour)

Cycling Routes on the Roads

Road cycling in Singapore is great because the roads are of very high quality. While cycling is not allowed on the expressways, it is allowed on all other types of roads. Singapore lacks mountains but has a good mix of short sharp hills, rolling country and flat land.

Some of the sharpest hills are :-

Mount Faber Park (the road to the Cable Car Station)

Kent Ridge Park (short but you better have some really small gears!!)

Bukit Batok Hill (the hill leading to the Bukit Batok Park along Upper Bukit Timah Road opposite the Fire Station)

Telok Blangah Hill Park (the loop which leads up to Telok Blangah Hill Park and down again)

For longer climbs , the following road is favored :-

South Buona Vista Road (aka the Gap and you know why its called that)

If panting up short steep hills is not your thing, you can try the gentle rolling hills on the two roads below C riding there is like riding a roller coaster!

Mandai Road
Go to

Yio Chu Kang Road
Go to

For the flat days when you want to imagine you're Jan Ullrich doing a flat 40km time-trial, you can ride along :-

Changi Coast Road (beside the runway of Changi Airport)
Go to

Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim (starts at the Jurong Bird Park and ends at the Second Link to Malaysia)

Other cycling routes in Singapore :-

Jan Boonstra and Rick Ross

Check out some of the routes taken by the cycling groups below and contact them if you wish to join them in their rides.

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Off-Road Mountain Biking Trails

Despite Singapore not having the benefit of any mountains, mountain biking is fast becoming a very popular sport!!!
Some of Singapore's popular mountain bike trails are nestled in thick, lush greenery in the heart of our nature reserves and parks.

Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail (BT) C (intermediate / advance level)

Chestnut - Track 15 - Mandai (an extension of the BT trail which starts at Chestnut Drive, lamp post 291
and heads towards the Mandai area) (beginner / intermediate level)

Other MTB Trails connected to BT (check out other trails around and connected to the Bukit Timah area, but please be warned that many of these trails are out of bounds to bikers) (beginner / intermediate level)

Pulau Ubin

* West and North Route (beginner / intermediate level)

* Eastern Route (intermediate / advance level)

* Pedal Ubin (beginner / intermediate / advance level bike guided tours)

Sentosa Bike Trail (approx 4 permanently maintained trails in Sentosa; trails are graded so beginners are warned of difficulty of path)

* Concrete Marked-out Route (beginner / intermediate level)

* Unmarked Off-Road Trails (intermediate / advance level) - a majority of the off-road trails have been reclaimed

Tampines Mountain Bike Trail (a very new gravelly biketrail) (beginner / intermediate level)
C located at the junction of Tampines Ave and Tampines Avenue 7, for directions go to following website
and look for a star marked on the relevant page
Go to

Boys Brigade Mountain Bike Trail (located next to Singapore Polytechnic along Commonwealth Ave West,
but currently not maintained),Boy's,Brigade,Mountain,Bike,Trail/PRD_164917_4517crx.aspx

Please remember to observe trail etiquette when cycling at BT and the other MTB trails

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Downhill and Slalom Trails

Bukit Timah is Singapore's highest hill standing at only 163.63 metres! However it is a pity that this steep concrete hill
and the connected branching off-road trails is off-limits to cyclists! But that does not dampen the spirit of Singapore's downhillers who settle for some of the more challenging technical downhill and slalom tracks that Singapore has to offer!

Sentosa Bike Trail (some parts of the more technical gnarly downward sloping trails make for a good downhill ride)

Gangsa Slalom Track (enter from Bukit Panjang Road-Zhenghua Flyover under the BKE, or ride along the MTB trail
from Chestnut to Track 15 and you will hit this track) (see above)

Pulau Ubin (the Eastern routes will take you through some amazing downhill slopes)

Again, please remember to observe trail etiquette , don your safety gear, bring your buddies and watch out for oncoming human and vehicle traffic if you feel the urge to attempt some local downhillin'!

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BMX Tracks, Flatlanders and Bike Parks

BMX existed in Singapore even before the first mountain-bikes graced our shores. BMX is a great sport with sub-disciplines such as BMX racing, flatland, street, dirt and vert. There are many BMX places in Singapore for general BMX enjoyment.

Tampines BMX Track (located at the junction of Tampines Ave 9 and Tampines Avenue 7, for directions go to following website and look for a star marked on the relevant page)
Go to

Singapore BMX (informative website on BMX in Singapore)

Flatland is another discipline that evolved from BMX. Some informative websites on Flatland, Vert, Street/Park and Freestyle Riding :-

Twenty-Inch Circle (a Singapore Flatland site containing lots of news about the Singapore flatland and freestyle activities here on our little island)

Bicycle Freestyle Interest Group

NYC Youth Park

Bedok Adventure Park (in front of East Coast Town Council, Blk 206 Bedok North Street 1)

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BikeTrial Obstacles and Course

The sport of BikeTrial involves using a bike to clear a whole course of very difficult obstacles ranging from stacks of pallets, an array of different sized logs and boulders. Big pools of water are also in the way for the rider to make life a wee bit harder. The course has to be completed without your feet touching the ground if possible.

To attempt simple biketrial stunts, you don't need more than a simple roadside curb to practice jumping on and off or a flight of stairs to balance your bike on. For more complicated stunts, you will need natural or man-made obstacles, and patience, concentration and a wealth of skill and experience!!!

For more information on this sport, check out the following website :-

Biketrial Singapore or e-mail

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Other Bike Trail Links

Some of the following websites offer suggestions on existing and new trails in Singapore.

Togoparts Bike Trails Forum



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Park Connectors and Other Bike Trails

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) plans to create a green network so huge, so seamless, it would seem as if we could get from park to park, coast to coast, park to town centres or just about anywhere on this island.

They plan to join up our parks through a comprehensive green network, allowing you to travel on foot or bicycle to other parks nearby. And the green network can be extended to link parks with town centres, sports complexes and homes.

Currently, there are about 40 km of park connectors. The challenge is to build 3 times more green connectors or another 120 km to complete an island-wide network by the year 2015 .

Parks Connectors C Park Connector Network (PCN) Progress Plan

Designated Bike Parks

* Bishan Park (beginner level)

* East Coast Park (beginner level)

* Pasir Ris Park (beginner level)

* West Coast Park (beginner level)

Other Designated Bike Parks

Bedok and Bedok Reservoir Park (beginner level)

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Cycling Clubs and Groups in Singapore

Cycling groups / clubs in Singapore are constantly evolving. If you wish to join or ride with a group / club , the following are a few that are quite prominent in Singapore. We would encourage you to check them out first to see if you share similar biking philosophiesand skill and fitness levels!!!

ANZA (Australian New Zealand Association) Cycling

Biketrials Singapore


Blazing Outdoor Adventurers & Co Pte Ltd (BOAC)






Schroder Cycling Team

Singapore Bike Hash

Singapore BMX


Team Ascender

Team Treknology

Twenty-Inch Circle


Other Cycling Groups

Balding Eagles


East Spring Secondary School Cycling Team

Night Cycling

Singapore Flatlanders Unite

Singapore MTB

Singapore Polytechnic Cyclists Club

Team Slow Ride


(Cycling community for riders residing in Yew Tee, Choa Chu Kang)

Have a bunch of bikers who share your interest in biking, but can't seem to find a club to join?
Simple...go to yahoo groups to start a new cycling group!

If any other Singapore cycling group wishes to be listed above or taken off the list, please feel free to send us an e-mail
to .

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Local Bike Forums

Some of the popular cycling forums in Singapore which have helped to promote cycling in Singapore are listed below. If you want to contribute to and support them, simply click on the sites below!


Singapore Cycling Forums

Singapore Mountain Bike Forum (SMBF)

If any other Singapore cycling forum wishes to be listed above, please send us e-mail to .

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We would like to thank all who have contributed to the information above (including the masterminds behind the websites who have provided bikers with such invaluable information), including the following who have helped to compile the information above :-

Alan Oliviero

Alex Ling

Lee Chuen Ling

For more information about cycling in Singapore, please feel free to e-mail the Vice Presidents of the various bike disciplines or .



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