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  Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family
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Dining in Guangzhou

Cherish your love and win free dinner

Such is the bonus a western style restaurant in Fangcun district, Guangzhou, offers to couples who take love seriously.

A couple having dinner in this restaurant will be invited to take a free instant photo in two copies. One is kept by the couple and the other by the restaurant. If the couple backs to the restaurant together with the photo today next year, the restaurant will offer them a free set dinner.

There are already over 100 sweet pictures on the walls of the restaurant. 'Nowadays people like fast-food-style relationship, and do not cherish love as much as before. I want to do something to remind them what love should be like.' said Chen, the manager here.


Taipingguan Restaurant

Taipingguan, the century-old restaurant in Guanzhou, was opened in 1885 in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and is known for hosting former Premier Zhou Enlai's wedding ceremony in 1925.

In 2000, the Guangzhou government named the Taipingguan one of the city's oldest restaurants.

During the past century, the restaurant served more than 800 Western-style dishes. Some people who had lived in Guangzhou for decades still remember trying the original menu for the Premier couple.

Guangzhou snacks

Fried River Snails
River snails have thin shells and thick meat. Frying river snails and purple perilla will produce a sweet and spicy taste. 

Shahe Rice Noodles

Rice noodles originated from Shahe Town in Guangzhou, hence the name Shahe rice noodles. Rice noodles can be boiled, steamed or fried, with sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty tastes. 

Chashao Bun
(Steamed Meat-stuffed Bun)
Chashao bun, an old-brand famous snack of Guangdong, soft, sweet and fragrant, are served by all large and small restaurants in Guangdong all the year round. 

Steamed Changfen
(Rice Flour Rolls)
Steamed rice flour tolls are as white as snow, as thin as paper, aromatic, smooth and tasty. 

Lianrong Moon Cake

Guangzhou-style moon cakes are one of the best choices for the Chinese people when celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival. Sweet or salty, golden yellow in color, beautifully shaped and soft, with thin skin and clear and delicate patterns. 

Dumpling with Fresh Shrimp Stuffing and Thin Skin

Dumpling with fresh shrimp stuffing was created by a small restaurant in Wucun Village, Wufeng Township in Henan District, Guangzhou. After many years improvement, such dumplings have become very famous and have remained in great demand for a long time. 

Fresh Shrimp and Rice Wrapped by Lotus Leaf

In the past rice wrapped by lotus leaf prepared by Taiping Town, Dongguan was the most famous, featuring a light, refreshing and delicious taste and a faint scent of lotus leaves. Now almost all restaurants in Guangzhou serve such snack. 

Fried Turnip Cake

Turnip cakes which are fried in light oil are loved by Guangzhou people. Wanzai turnip cakes can be eaten without being fried.

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