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Mountain Bike Terms


 biker fell in stream

Baby heads: small boulders about the size of. . yea, that's right. . .a babies head.

Bagging a Peak: Making it to the summit of a mountain.

Bagging Out: Canceling a ride for something other than a death in the family.

Bagger: A person that habitually bags out. Also known as a loser.

Basecamp rides: Setting up camp and using it as the start and finish of tours.

Biff: To crash.

Bonk: Reaching the point of exhaustion.

Boulder Garden: Section of road or trail that is covered with basketball sized or larger boulders.

Dab: Taking your foot off the pedal and touching the ground.

Doubletrack: Overgrown road that is like two parallel trails.

Endo: Going over the handlebars.

Euell Gibbons Trail: Means that "some parts (of the trail) are rideable."

Excedrin descent: Bone jarring downhill that rattles your brain (providing you have one).

Feeling Nedly: When older riders are having a particular strong outing.

Full On Conditions (FOC): Biking with the chance of running into severe foul weather conditions.

Flash: Clearing a technical pitch without dabbing.

Gnarly: An 80's term for a particular steep and rough section of trail.

Gnarly Dude: Southern Californian for Gnarly.

Gonzo: Riding with reckless abandon. Not generally appropriate for singletrack.

Hammer: Someone in great shape, who goes all out most of the time.

To Hammer: To stand up on the pedals and go all out.

Hammered: Exhausted.

Hard-tail: A bike without rear suspension.

Header: Going over the handlebars.

Kicker: A steep section of road or trail.

Loop trip: Ride that forms a loop with no backtracking.

Mo: Short for momentum.

Mountainbike-aneering: Off shoot sport of mountain biking where peak bagging is a prime consideration. Another sport featuring the "becauseit's there" attitude.

O.D.: This is short for "Off Day". Even the best riders have them. It is important to recognize the symptoms and to back off when you arehaving an O.D.

Out and Back: Tour where the return is a retracing of the route in.

Over The Bars (OTB): Unexpected dismount over the handlebars.

Pitch: A short section of technical road or trail.

Pokes: Short for slow pokes. This is someone that always lingers in the back of the pack. This is not a crime.

Portage: To carry your bike.

Poser: Rider that emulates the look of Southern California magazine bike geeks.

Powder Run: Extremely dusty section of trail.

Road Geek: Someone that predominately rides on the pavement. Other names include lycra lizards, roadies, bike nerds, etc.

Rock Garden: Section of the trail that is completely covered with grapefruit (baby head) size to basketball sized rocks.

Rude Drop-off: A sudden drop on the trail of two feet or more.

Semi-loop: Loop trip with a section of out and back attached.

Singletrack: Narrow trail.

Soft-tail: A fully suspended bike.

Technical route: Section of road or trail that is very demanding of bike handling skills.

Topo: Short for United States Geological Survey topographic map.

Ugly Geek Jerseys: Shirts worn by posers that are covered with advertising logos to which they are receiving no compensation.

Contributed By: Bob Ward




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