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When riding a bicycle, you'll feel you are getting close to nature and you can enjoy the scenery along the way, which is not possible when you are driving- The Bicycle Kingdom

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Han Yu said we got married in 2001. At that time, it was very popular to rent a wedding car to pick up the bride. But our families lived near each other and the hotel where we planned to have the celebration dinner was nearby, so we all thought there was no need to rent a car. My father said riding a bicycle would be most meaningful, because I had been riding a bicycle since I was a child and bicycles had played such an important role in our relationship. So after we prepared at home, my father put me on his old bicycle and rode me to the wedding banquet. While sitting on the back of my father's bicycle, I thought, "Will this be the last time I ride on my father's bicycle?" And I felt a little bit sad. But then thinking about riding with my husband in the future, I started to feel happy again. After the banquet, Tang Xu took me to our new home on his bicycle. Bicycles had carried me into a new life.

After buying their first car, the family is experiencing two different kinds of life - from the seat of their bicycles and their car.

Han Yu said driving a car and riding a bicycle give you different feelings. When driving a car you'll feel that your circle of life has gotten much bigger, you can go to faraway places. When riding a bicycle, you'll feel you are getting close to nature and you can enjoy the scenery along the way, which is not possible when you are driving. So the feelings are different.

Despite the deep affection that the family has for bicycles, the pressure of modern metropolitan life has relegated the role of bicycles in their life to that of recreation.

Tang Xu said in the past, bicycle was part of my life. Wherever I went, I always rode a bicycle and it was very convenient. I thought bicycle is an indispensable part of my life. But now with the pace of life getting faster and faster, there are more and more vehicles, and my living circle is getting bigger and bigger, the distance to work is getting longer and longer. Riding a bicycle can't meet my demand, so bicycle is only a supplement to my life now.

Although bicycles are gradually becoming less important in their lives now, the memories and affection for bicycles will never disappear.

China is gradually moving from a state-planned economy to a market economy, and the bicycle enterprises in China are facing fierce competition. With the popularization of automobiles in China and the entrance of foreign bicycle manufacturers, a great deal of pressure has been placed on China's famous bicycle manufacturers to redefine their strategies and continue to expand production.

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